Monday, 26 October 2015

Thoroughly blaming CT!

Upon a perusal through my blog list last week I read the lovely CT's post.

Countryside Tales is a blog of utmost delight & I know a lot of the blogs I follow & vice versa follow too. It is a blog to calm ones soul after a week in the office where I am finding myself drumming my fingernails slowly with hope it will calm me down enough to deal with the stupidity I find myself dealing with. A bit like the slow clap if you will that my youngest son does with the words 'Well done' in a sarcastic drawl!  I actually admire his cheek as I would never of dared to do the same with my parents though we will keep that between me & you! A further note - I think the slow clap will be replacing the office drumming finger nails - more fun don't you think? 

 I thoroughly look forward to CT's lovely postings about walks through the woods, moths, wild creatures & the exploits of Ted & Poppy.

But why am I blaming CT I hear you ask - its this 

which turned into this

The recipe is over at Countryside Tales & I dare you to try it. You will quite possibly put a stone on with each portion you eat. My thighs looked positively huge in jeans on Saturday.

It is my dears ripped up jam do-nuts (which I dislike greatly) & covered with a home-made salted caramel sauce & baked in the oven. I served mine with clotted cream & I have enough for my breakfast this morning.

It is divinely decadent & just the thing I needed to recover from work last week!!

Hope you are all well

P.s Rachel  I spotted your comment on CT's blog & I can categorically state that calories do not fall out of ripped up do-nuts & I gave them a shake too! x 

Another P.s in the effort to sound like a proper grown up fingernails should actually read as finger stumps - the nails went aeons ago! 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

And breathe

Mikes working away for most of this week so I'm in single mum mode which I need like a hole in the head. I'm not really moaning I know I'm fortunate but I want to whine so I will :)

The kids are pretty much self sufficient but Rocky hound needs to be walked twice a day so I get the evening walk too when Mike isn't here as naturally there is the pub for the eldest & hastily remembered home work for the youngest.

We have had Rocky for just over a year now, he as regular readers will remember was our inheritance after Mikes dad passed away. It's like having a toddler in the house - give me a teenager any day!

This morning on our morning walk in the dark he decided he was scared of the recycling lorry. Tried to pull & pull his way home to get away from the noisy light flashing monster. It truly was a battle of wills & I made sure I won.

The little horror got me back on our way home as the monster was still there - he stopped by the hedge & deposited the smallest dog poo ever seen just to make sure he didn't have to walk by the monster. It took me 13 minutes scrabbling round with a doggy bag in the not quite light morning amongst leaf little & small thorny branches as the hedge had been to cut to find it. Once the monster sailed past us Rocky decided he was a brave doggy again!!!! I was not a happy bunny.

I should be back blogging normally from the weekend. I've been visiting staff this month which has taken up a large amount of my time & have taken on a new member of staff which has meant I need to be in the office not at home in my dressing gown & slippers ,slovenly creature that I am. I think my dears I have now found the balance ( she whispers softly tap dancing on wood at the same time)

Take care all, hope you are all well xx

Monday, 12 October 2015

Plans afoot

Two of my birthday presents this year, I behaved myself impeccably as I wanted The New Kitchen Garden since it was released earlier on this year, I was trying to teach myself some self restraint & it worked as it was left on the radiator cabinet in the hall for two weeks prior to my birthday & I only opened it once!

The above two books will be put to good use over autumn & winter for the planning of my plot next year & they are both a very good read too.

We are back to growing from seed next year & will be very selective over what to grow. The pot was a little too packed this year & I would prefer more quality rather than quantity of varieties. Only took a few years to learn that little pearl of wisdom. The brassicas have been whittled down to sprouting broccolis of each colour variety - purple, white & green, kale & spring greens.

I also find myself planning for two other people next year too, no rest for the wicked. My mother wants a few pots of flowers & veg. I can easily cope with that. She wants a tomato plant, some peas just for eating from the pod, a couple of runner beans, some pots of potatoes, lettuce & some carrots.

The other one is only a situation I could find myself in so I will take you back to earlier on this year when my MD decided he wanted to grow some flowers & went out a bought 3 packs, compost & some of those window sill propagators. Now being an MD means you can just waltz off & leave these things to other people & the person who was trusted to look after these little plants had no clue & the other person helping out  wasn't much better either. I took over the situation & drained the drowning plants & brought in a mister for the little seedlings. I then promptly found myself in charge of them as I was making phone calls over the weekend for other staff to care for them until I decided to save myself the worry & brought them home & stuck them in the greenhouse. That is where I became unstuck as apparently if you have a greenhouse you are an expert gardener!! Which I am not!!

The conversation earlier last week entailed 'What are you growing for me next year, I don't want anything too big about a foot high, I'm thinking of different seasonal displays & what about some hanging baskets too, also I'm having patio doors put into my office instead of the window so I can have some pots on the roof space'. Believe me that is the shortened version. So my dears any advice I'm thinking 5 variety's for each season they have to be annuals, easy to care for & less than a foot tall. I'm looking in the kids section at the weekend :D

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sneaking back in quietly

Ahem the break was a little longer than expected, I have some serious catching up to do. Flu, pneumonia, extreme tiredness & quite frankly this last week in work has been extremely trying but has now thankfully ended :) huge smiles for that! I am however back to full health so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind comments.

It has been extremely misty here lately & damp too! I'm missing the runner beans already & there is a different feeling when preparing dinner in the evening now. I'm missing skipping around the veg plot gathering veg for - now it's back to the freezer or the bottom of the fridge. Autumn is however the best time for planning next years growing choices though don't you think?

There are changes here to come. Next year we plan to revamp the veg beds. New ones made out of sleepers. There were some lovely ones at the local builders merchants the other week & Mike was completely sold on the idea when the words ' a chainsaw would be your best bet when cutting them for the shortest edge pal'. I'm sending him on a course before he gets one Mike is however thrilled he's always wanted a chainsaw - a motorbike too but I wont let him!

The veg beds are full but I'm not holding out a lot of hope. I'm convinced the plants were planted too late for my part of the world but we shall see - all hope has not been lost yet as I do have some lovely red cabbages.

Are you all well I do hope so, I shall catch up properly with you all later on today the dog needs a walk, washing needs to be pegged out, floors swept & empty bottles removed from the bathroom as the men folk here haven't realised the bottles don't have arms & legs to climb into the recycling bins!! xxx