Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A round up*

*without new photos because it's been so long since I last blogged I've misplaced my camera.

I have two weeks off my dears & very much needed it is too, I have two packages & a card to post off this week (belatedly) for some Christmas swaps & then I can really relax.

Mikes 50 on Friday & he has wanted to go on some zipwire thing for ages so I've booked him onto it. At 11:30 Mr Wilson will be wizzing along weather permitting of course. I shall be watching - a family meal is planned for later on that evening or will be when I get my lazy bones self to book it!!
When we are at the zipwire place apparently I can book a camera thingamajig for his helmet, never have I been so eager to spend my money.

We are having a change around in the garden next year. We are having new veg beds which I think I've already mentioned but are now going one further. I need to cut things down to a more manageable level for me, working full time, dealing with homework etc & Mike working away often well things can get a bit too much.

One of the bigger changes is the soft fruit bed, all the bushes will be removed apart from the black currants. The gooseberries & red currents will be removed. We don't eat the red currants in fact the birds have left them too & along with the gooseberries they get attacked by gooseberry saw fly. To be honest it is getting too much of a faff & with having a PYO farm in the next village well I can get my gooseberries from there.

I'm also planning to cull the fruit trees in pots, the ones I can plant in the ground will be, the remainder will be chopped up for a log pile for the bugs.

Time management I think it's called (pffting quietly to myself as I type)

Are you all well? I do hope so, time for some proper blog visiting I think. Take care xx