Friday, 8 January 2016

12 days of Christmas

I took part in Jo's Twelve days of Christmas swap & it was an absolute delight to be part of it. I've been very blessed with my swap partners of 2015 & the luck continued when Jo partnered me up with Susan 

I received a chocolate koala bear in a Christmas stocking as yet uneaten because it really is too cute.
Some little hand knitted hats for fun. I'm going to peg them on my Easter twig tree (once I've sneaked it past Mike)
A delightful little sewing kit
A pack of buttons which funnily enough contained a ladybird button. I sent Susan a pack of buttons which I nearly didn't as it contained a ladybird button & I do like them. I was delighted to receive one back! 
Some pretty little gifts tags
A booklet on crochet baby blankets, a friend is having her first child this year so this will be useful
A calender 
A pretty notebook which contains the workings out of Harry's first lot of physics homework 
A pen which was used to write the workings out
A covered coat hanger which is now in my wardrobe with my Christmas sweater over it
A pretty heart magnet peg which resides on the big fridge freezer. 
A quilt kit which I absolutely adore

Mike even took me to the big fabric shop to get some cream & patterned fabric for the side bits & won me a voucher for £5 off my next visit! 

I'm off for four days now - utter bliss so once I've completed my housework & chucked all the bits in the slow cooker for a curry I hope to start cutting out the rest of the squares for my quilt.

Rocky hound wasn't left out either but I've lost the photo of him playing with his toy that Susan sent, it was a home made fabric twist pulling thing which Rocky absolutely loves. I had a splendid photo of Rocky playing with it, he even takes it in his bed with him.

A huge thanks to Jo for hosting & a huge thanks from Rocky & I to Susan for your lovely gifts. Mike even got to take part as he was dishing the gifts out to me day by day to stop be unwrapping them all at once!

Take care all xx


  1. A splendid list of presents, what lovely surprises! I like the quilt, looks great fun. x

  2. Glad you liked your gifts and must send an email about a couple of them as I didn't put in too many notes. Our other Jo got a dog toy for Archie as well and he loves his. Email if you need any more instructions for the quilt as I did it on my Quilt Wizard software as an idea to go with the charm sqares. Thanks for being a great swap partner. Take care.

  3. Dear Jo
    Lots of great gifts there! It was a lovely swap to take part in, wasn't it?
    Best wishes

  4. You're welcome, I'm glad you had fun taking part in the swap. You received some lovely gifts, the quilt kit looks fabulous, I look forward to seeing that completed. As Susan said above, Archie got a dog toy too, they're great, aren't they? Archie's a bit particular about what he'll play with, no plastic, no balls, nothing squeaky unless it's inside a soft toy, but he loves the pull toy which Susan sent, praise indeed.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun...and surprises! I love the little quilt.

  6. Lovely gifts - enjoy your long weekend! Jx

  7. It looks and sounds like you got lots of lovely gifts.
    Enjoy your long weekend. Flighty xx

  8. Sounds like a great swap and some wonderful thoughtful gifts.

  9. Just wonderful, and so much fun to look forward to.

  10. Lovely gifts and lucky you getting the £5 voucher. I visited our local branch of the same fabric shop but wasn't so lucky and didn't win anything. Enjoy your weekend Jo. X

  11. This swap was brilliant, every one enjoyed it. I'm off as well until Monday with loads of lovely plans, so I hope you enjoy your time.

  12. What great gifts - I love the floral quilt fabric. Now you've got a voucher you'll have to go back for more! Happy New Year!
    Cathy x

  13. Such beautiful gifts. Isn't it lovely to receive something so lovely through the letterbox. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  14. What lovely gifts! Enjoy your days off :) The fabric looks great x

  15. It was a great swap to take part in wasn't it! Lovely things to have received and how great about the ladybird buttons!! Enjoy your time off! xx

  16. What a good idea and a lovely selection of gifts. As for that chocolate koala, you can't possibly eat him. Ever.

  17. What wonderful gifts! Enjoy making your quilt :)

  18. There's been a lot of these swaps and secret santas and such gone got some wonderful things...shame to have missed Rocky playing with his toy...maybe you could take another photo for us??

    Happy new year.xx

  19. There have been some great swaps, and your selection looks great too.

    A slow cooker curry, sounds very tasty

    All the best Jan


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