Saturday, 30 April 2016

Liebster Award x2

I was nominated twice in one day and a lovely surprise it was to. Thank you very much to ----

 Marlene who blogs over at Simple Living
Emma from Handmade by Em 

Heres what you have to do to take part.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.
2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post.
3. Answer ten questions you've been asked.
4. Nominate 5 new bloggers that you want to share with the world.
5. Then create ten new questions for the bloggers you are nominating.
6. Notify the bloggers that you have nominated them.

Onto Marlene's questions to me first 

1) What is your favourite holiday destination?
2) Do you prefer sweet or savoury?
3) What is your favourite flower?
4) Who is your favourite singer or band?
5) What hobbies do you have?
6) What is your favourite meal?
7) Which famous person ( dead or alive) would you invite for dinner?
8) What tv programme /series are you hooked on at the minute?
9) Do you still have your childhood toy?
10) What is your favourite colour.


1. I have happy memories of New Quay the other side of Aberystwyth. I crave a calm environment by the sea but also close to the Welsh countryside. 
2. Seeing as I have to choose it would be savoury.
3. Foxgloves
4. I don't have a particular favourite 
5. Far too many for my bank balance. Gardening, sewing, knitting, crochet,EPP, reading. There are quite possibly a few more! 
6. I have never been able to eat a lot, I truly should be two stone lighter. I can however clear a buffet table in three hours. I'm a grazer you see so small plates suit me. I shall go for either sushi (no tuna or salmon though) or tapas. 
7. The cast of Last of the summer wine. From when the series was first introduced though, the original cast members. 
8. Bones and I have a major addiction to Full House.
9. Toys no but I do have childhood books.
10. I have a fondness for green but buy a lot of blue. 

Right onto questions set by Emma

1. What was your first pet and what was their name?
2. If you could live a day in a different era of time, when would you choose?
3. What would your ideal 3 course meal consist of?
4. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
5. If you were given £1 million what would you spend it on?
6. What makes you smile the most?
7. What holiday destination would you most like to visit?
8. Chocolate bar or packet of crisps?
9. If you could meet any famous person (present or passed away) who would it be?
10. What are your top 3 favourite animals?


1. A black cat named Sooty! Original I know but  I was five. 
2. V-E day
3. That's a tricky one - nibbly things to pick from first,then either a roast or large garlic mushrooms served with chunky but crispy chips and rocket. Ending with bakewell tart & cream. 
4. Yay Saturday then wondering how long I could stay in bed before going to B&Q.
5. A fishing lake for Mike.
6.The photographs we have around the house. Two in particular - my eldest sons graduation photograph and one of Mike at a family wedding when he was about twenty. In fact his hairstyle and moustache at the time make me laugh more than smile.
7. Something close to the sea, a beach with rock pools & the countryside close by. Preferably in the UK. 
8. Crisps but I wouldn't say no to the chocolate  either.
9. Apart from the cast of Last of the Summer Wine I think it would have to be Nigel Slater.
10. Rocky hound, hedgehogs & foxes. 

Right onto my set of questions

1. Favourite season?
2. Do you eat breakfast?
3. Starter or pudding?
4. Favourite childhood author?
5. Seaside or countryside?
6. Favourite beverage?
7. Do you have a pet?
8. Favourite way to serve vegetables?
9. Do you grow your own?
10. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

And onto my victims

I may be missing over the next three weeks, there may be some brief comments when I can but shall mostly be reading your blog posts in work.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Baker boys

There was an Italian theme running through the Wilson household yesterday. 

Harry made biscotti 

By himself while Mike and I were out shopping.

 Groceries mainly but we visited the sports shop too. Harry had a splendid report card from his new school so a reward was in order. This reward came in the shape of a new football. I quite possibly shed a tear over the price. I also bought Mike another Welsh Rugby top. It's a training one I think. It was reduced (one of my favourite words) and is grey - my favourite colour on Mike. 
Mike queried my generosity. I gently rebuffed him saying he deserved a treat and thinking to myself it's Yarn shop day this coming Saturday :)

In the afternoon Mike made ciabatta 

Four smaller loaves in all. We ate one straight out of the oven dipped into olive oil & balsamic vinegar. It was divine. We then ate another later on with some antipasti bits.
It was seriously good bread. 
Staffordshire oatcakes are on the menu next weekend 

Of course the little helper was in the background 

Did you all have a good weekend. I do hope so, take care xx

Saturday, 23 April 2016

How rude & credit where it's due.

Apologies for not thanking you all for your good wishes when I was a tiny bit poorly last week. 
How rude! 

I find myself strangely addicted to Full House which is currently showing on Netflix. I'm towards the end of season four & only been watching for three weeks. 
One of the daughters utters 'How Rude' at times & it is sticking in my mind. I now utter it in work instead of whatever stressful expletive normally pops out!

Also thank you for the kind comments over the loss of Robs friend. It is sad that someone so young has passed away. 

Rob as ever has coped admirably as he does through any turmoil. That boy has always seemed 32 years of age. Thankfully both boys have inherited mine & Mikes good traits which is a blessing. 

Right onto credit where it is due, well to me of course for bringing up such a splendid boy but remember my ranty post not so long ago about Abakhan. It ended as I suspected it would do & I am still waiting for a response to the second email I sent over unanswered questions. 

How Rude!

It's a door I will never darken again. My craft stash money is being spent elsewhere. 

Kemps Woolshop for example have a splendid clearance section & some really good prices on other products. 
I received an email last week about some new yarn clearances & naturally took a look. I ordered enough for free delivery. 
Please note the yarn ordered  is planned for two jumpers. Not to feed the stash tubs.
Anyway I received an email saying that out of the eleven balls ordered in one shade they only had ten available. I said the ten were fine & enquired what happened to the free delivery (I was happy to order more). I was told free delivery would still be applied. 
A couple of days later I received my parcel. 

And they had put in five free patterns as an apology.  So kind. Thank you Kemps 

The yarn for my jumpers is Freedom Alfresco Aran a delightful squishy mix of merino woll and alpaca which retails at well over £4 a ball - £5 in some places. Mine was 79p a ball.
I also received a refund of 79p in a small plastic bag. This is now residing in my savings jar which is an old salsa pot. 

Take care all xx 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Smooth with the rough

The weather has been divine here lately. A little bit chilly at times but to have several days of sunshine has been very nice indeed.

Sunday, the majority of the day was spent in the garden. Both front & back gardens have been weeded. The lawn needs edging in the front & a few plants to go in. That will be sorted for this year, until the bulbs are ready to buy & plant that is. 

Mike removed a red currant bush & two gooseberry bushes with a little help from this little chap.

He likes to help where he can!!

Part of the reason for removing the bushes is to give us more space for a larger pond & to cut down on the amount of work needed on those particular fruit bushes. Both are infected each year by gooseberry sawfly & it was getting too much to take care of them. We have a very good PYO farm in the next village so I can still get a few tubs for jam & fools. 

Rob very sadly had to attend a funeral today of an old university friend. Something you would naturally expect if you were in your seventies. Rob is 22 in eight weeks his friend was the same age. I really felt for my little boy this evening when he returned home in his black suit & tie. Another life lesson learnt I expect but a sad one all the same, they were still in uni together this time last year. 

In nine weeks time we are taking Rob back to his old uni. In eleven weeks time he will be flying many many thousands of miles away to start his fancy pants job at the new university campus. All in all it's been a roller-coaster year for him.

Take care all. xx

Friday, 15 April 2016

A gentle post

I haven't got much to post about

I have taken two days off from work as I caught one of those 24 hour bugs. Really it was about a 6 hour bug starting at 12:30 am Thursday morning. I had no sleep so took yesterday off from work & spent the day on the sofa with sticky up hair, a single duvet with a Man United cover & a white embroidered pillow . 

I can assure you it was as delightful as it sounded.

I'm taking today off too. My stomach is growling in such an alarming manner that the dog is keeping away from me. I managed to take him on his early morning walk though. He crawled under my duvet this morning & stared at me intently until I got out of bed at 6:02 am precisely.

I've ordered some yarn subscribed to a garden magazine & am sat up on the sofa trying to catch up with my blogging.

Mike has been working away all week & I have promised him a lovely home cooked meal on his return this evening. I've managed to remove some fish fillets from the freezer to defrost. He would probably like steak & all the trimmings he is getting sole (I think) spread with sun dried tomato pesto sprinkled with parmesan & breadcrumbs if I can muster the strength to do so. I have some samphire to use up so fish it is. I'm also trying to use up the freezer contents too so it's salmon tomorrow. Mike is going fishing on Sunday so a fishy themed weekend it is. 

 I bought three pictures last weekend. One of a hare which I have yet to photograph. One of a Rocky hound in his trademark pose &  a special one for Mike who will at a drop of a hat go off & help someone else with their DIY  & leave our house to fester. Harry the youngest at 14 has been studying it in great detail. 

I received a delightful package in the post at the beginning of the week . The lovely Jennifer from Thistlebear posted me this cross stitch balloon to say thank you as I sent her a magazine. It was totally unexpected but very thoughtful. It is on my mantelpiece next to Rocky hounds favourite pose print.

Hope you are all well xx

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Making a start

Thanks for all your kind words about my brother. However it has been confirmed by the doctor on duty that he is indeed a dipstick (brother not doctor) as he has been walking round with a two inch fracture on his forehead for the past two weeks. However as my brother had been taking a photo daily of his badly bruised & swollen forehead (what sort of prat does that?) they were able to gauge the scale of said injury & after some questions & an x ray we were able to leave. 

He bought me a rather splendid lunch to say thank you. I spent the remainder of the afternoon trailing after my brother through the city of Chester feeling more than sozzled as he bought me a bottle of prosecco during lunch. That is after me drinking my two regulation glasses. 

Now I like a drink ladies & gentlemen I make no secret about that. However I can manage a glass & a half before I start feeling merry. How I didn't start swinging from the rows I don't know. 

Sunday afternoon at the  garden centre saw Mike & I buy these little beauties. Our local garden centre were selling greenhouse plants 4 for £5 
I bought £15 worth so we are nicely set. I have a selection of heritage tomatoes because all I want from a tomato is to look pretty in a bowl. I don't like raw tomato - said quite possibly the only person ever, a cucumber & a selection of chillies. 
This works well for Mike & I a nice varied selection without the added cost of all the seeds, compost, pots etc.

I also made cauliflower cheese with the cauli from the garden.
I was going to do something fancy with such a wonderful specimen but was so thrilled not to be in work I took the easy option of whipping up a cheese sauce. Delightful it was too.

Talking of work I shall leave you with a funny tale. 

Part of my duties includes being the chief disciplinary officer. Oh she works in HR I here some of you say. No, just woman enough to do the job. 

Anyway I dressed myself this morning ready for work. Fitted smart black dress & a pinky tweed jacket. The dress is important to the story as I couldn't zip the blinking thing up properly. Snigger all you like as I was doing all sort of contortions. 

Now I had set my heart on wearing this dress so did the best I could & spent the day praying that a gust of wind didn't blow the back of my jacket up to show a half zipped up frock.

Take care all xx 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Softly softly, slowly slowly

Blimey I seem to be very time poor at the moment. Too many other things going on work being one of them, redecorating, trying to supervise a 14 year old revising during the holidays. You can imagine how fun that one is!!!!!!!!
I've really not had time to blog over the last few days. I had hoped to catch up yesterday but the sun was out so a bit of weeding was called for in between painting the bathroom. Then we visited my mum as we always do on a Sunday & was roped in to helping my brother with his new greenhouse & some garden centre shopping. Today was supposed to be a catch up but I'm taking my dipstcik brother to A&E this morning as he fell off his bike a couple of weeks ago . He still has a rather large swollen bruise on his forehead. Think of a purple grey egg, in fact he looks a little like the elephant man but I've kept that one to myself as he has promised me lunch!

Right onto my blog post  

Before I start a project I become a little impatient wondering how long it will take to complete, will I have the time to dedicate to it? 

Unsurprisingly for a time restricted person I tend to be drawn towards big projects - blankets, quilts, cardigans. I have a dream to make a jacket too. 

I'm pleased to offer a finished project for the final instalment of Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party

My blanket which I started last year - October I think is finally finished.  It's the Spice of Life pattern which was supposed to be a Cal (crochet along) but it had to fitted in between other areas of my life. I had ordered a specific set of yarn for it but I made huge mistakes with the first one so started again with an Attic 24 pack which I had stashed away.

My quilt along has slowed down I've only completed one of the blocks this month. I do have all the pieces cut out so will try to do a few bits during the week. In between revising battles that is.

And because I'm so time restricted I can't think ideas through I've started on this 

Pretty though isn't it?

Hope to be back this week :) xx