Saturday, 23 April 2016

How rude & credit where it's due.

Apologies for not thanking you all for your good wishes when I was a tiny bit poorly last week. 
How rude! 

I find myself strangely addicted to Full House which is currently showing on Netflix. I'm towards the end of season four & only been watching for three weeks. 
One of the daughters utters 'How Rude' at times & it is sticking in my mind. I now utter it in work instead of whatever stressful expletive normally pops out!

Also thank you for the kind comments over the loss of Robs friend. It is sad that someone so young has passed away. 

Rob as ever has coped admirably as he does through any turmoil. That boy has always seemed 32 years of age. Thankfully both boys have inherited mine & Mikes good traits which is a blessing. 

Right onto credit where it is due, well to me of course for bringing up such a splendid boy but remember my ranty post not so long ago about Abakhan. It ended as I suspected it would do & I am still waiting for a response to the second email I sent over unanswered questions. 

How Rude!

It's a door I will never darken again. My craft stash money is being spent elsewhere. 

Kemps Woolshop for example have a splendid clearance section & some really good prices on other products. 
I received an email last week about some new yarn clearances & naturally took a look. I ordered enough for free delivery. 
Please note the yarn ordered  is planned for two jumpers. Not to feed the stash tubs.
Anyway I received an email saying that out of the eleven balls ordered in one shade they only had ten available. I said the ten were fine & enquired what happened to the free delivery (I was happy to order more). I was told free delivery would still be applied. 
A couple of days later I received my parcel. 

And they had put in five free patterns as an apology.  So kind. Thank you Kemps 

The yarn for my jumpers is Freedom Alfresco Aran a delightful squishy mix of merino woll and alpaca which retails at well over £4 a ball - £5 in some places. Mine was 79p a ball.
I also received a refund of 79p in a small plastic bag. This is now residing in my savings jar which is an old salsa pot. 

Take care all xx 


  1. No need to apologise as I'm sure we all have moments when we can't reply or comment for some reason. Lucky with that special on wool and hope that we see your progress. Take care.

  2. I've ordered from Kemps in the past and been very happy with their service. I have to say that the majority of craft shops I've ordered from online have been really good, they know how to give good customer service, unlike Abakhan, you said it, how rude!

  3. What's the opposite of how rude? Well done Kemps. x

  4. They sound a grown up company, it's great when you find a good online company for your crafting. I like how rude!

  5. What a wonderful service, and I particularly was impressed with the prices. How rude is something that is now going to stick in my mind and I will be saying it all the time.

  6. What great service. We all need a trustworthy and reliable source of craft supplies!

  7. I've never heard of Kemps before, but I'll check them out. They certainly seem to give very good customer service.

  8. I think Kemps will be getting a lot more of your business. It is so fun to get yarn in the mail!

  9. Now that's good customer service, it doesn't take much really does it. Just a little 'sorry' can go a very long way. Looks like you'll be busy knitting for a while. xx

  10. Gorgeous yarn and what a lovely company. It's the little details that make a big difference isn't it. CJ xx

  11. How nice to have such good service! Seems to be somewhat rare :S I'll have to check them out! xx

  12. It really shows up the bad service when you get good service doesn't it. Glad that at least one place did well! xx


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