Saturday, 30 April 2016

Liebster Award x2

I was nominated twice in one day and a lovely surprise it was to. Thank you very much to ----

 Marlene who blogs over at Simple Living
Emma from Handmade by Em 

Heres what you have to do to take part.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.
2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post.
3. Answer ten questions you've been asked.
4. Nominate 5 new bloggers that you want to share with the world.
5. Then create ten new questions for the bloggers you are nominating.
6. Notify the bloggers that you have nominated them.

Onto Marlene's questions to me first 

1) What is your favourite holiday destination?
2) Do you prefer sweet or savoury?
3) What is your favourite flower?
4) Who is your favourite singer or band?
5) What hobbies do you have?
6) What is your favourite meal?
7) Which famous person ( dead or alive) would you invite for dinner?
8) What tv programme /series are you hooked on at the minute?
9) Do you still have your childhood toy?
10) What is your favourite colour.


1. I have happy memories of New Quay the other side of Aberystwyth. I crave a calm environment by the sea but also close to the Welsh countryside. 
2. Seeing as I have to choose it would be savoury.
3. Foxgloves
4. I don't have a particular favourite 
5. Far too many for my bank balance. Gardening, sewing, knitting, crochet,EPP, reading. There are quite possibly a few more! 
6. I have never been able to eat a lot, I truly should be two stone lighter. I can however clear a buffet table in three hours. I'm a grazer you see so small plates suit me. I shall go for either sushi (no tuna or salmon though) or tapas. 
7. The cast of Last of the summer wine. From when the series was first introduced though, the original cast members. 
8. Bones and I have a major addiction to Full House.
9. Toys no but I do have childhood books.
10. I have a fondness for green but buy a lot of blue. 

Right onto questions set by Emma

1. What was your first pet and what was their name?
2. If you could live a day in a different era of time, when would you choose?
3. What would your ideal 3 course meal consist of?
4. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
5. If you were given £1 million what would you spend it on?
6. What makes you smile the most?
7. What holiday destination would you most like to visit?
8. Chocolate bar or packet of crisps?
9. If you could meet any famous person (present or passed away) who would it be?
10. What are your top 3 favourite animals?


1. A black cat named Sooty! Original I know but  I was five. 
2. V-E day
3. That's a tricky one - nibbly things to pick from first,then either a roast or large garlic mushrooms served with chunky but crispy chips and rocket. Ending with bakewell tart & cream. 
4. Yay Saturday then wondering how long I could stay in bed before going to B&Q.
5. A fishing lake for Mike.
6.The photographs we have around the house. Two in particular - my eldest sons graduation photograph and one of Mike at a family wedding when he was about twenty. In fact his hairstyle and moustache at the time make me laugh more than smile.
7. Something close to the sea, a beach with rock pools & the countryside close by. Preferably in the UK. 
8. Crisps but I wouldn't say no to the chocolate  either.
9. Apart from the cast of Last of the Summer Wine I think it would have to be Nigel Slater.
10. Rocky hound, hedgehogs & foxes. 

Right onto my set of questions

1. Favourite season?
2. Do you eat breakfast?
3. Starter or pudding?
4. Favourite childhood author?
5. Seaside or countryside?
6. Favourite beverage?
7. Do you have a pet?
8. Favourite way to serve vegetables?
9. Do you grow your own?
10. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

And onto my victims

I may be missing over the next three weeks, there may be some brief comments when I can but shall mostly be reading your blog posts in work.


  1. Thank you for nominating me Jo. I'll have to get thinking of answers and further questions. Have a good weekend.

  2. congratulations on your award. You and your lovely blog deserve it. As for nominating me? Aww shucks! I've already got one of these but hey I now feel like Ant and Dec at the Brit awards! Id like to thank my Mum and Dad etc etc!
    1. Favourite season? Easy - Summer
    2. Do you eat breakfast? Always
    3. Starter or pudding? - Starter
    4. Favourite childhood author? Enid Blyton
    5. Seaside or countryside? Seaside
    6. Favourite beverage? Currently its flavoured tea
    7. Do you have a pet? Nope
    8. Favourite way to serve vegetables? - steamed
    9. Do you grow your own? - I try
    10. Dark, milk or white chocolate - white!

    Don't get caught reading blog posts in work!!

  3. Thanks for including me, I will add to my blog, enjoy your break.

  4. Thanks for joining in Jo, I enjoyed learning a bit more about you x

  5. Well done Jo on your awards. Some intersting questions and then answers. Love finding out some of your likes and dislikes. Hope the next 3 weeks are OK and see a post then. Take care.

  6. Thanks Jo, most kind. I'll have to get myself organised! x

  7. Congratulations on the awards, I enjoyed reading your answers. I've got one of these posts to do too.

  8. Congratulations, its always nice to get to know more about people who's blog you read.

  9. Nice to learn a little more about you. And well done.

  10. Love reading these posts, always interesting to see other people's choices. CJ xx

  11. Great to read your answers! Hope that the next three weeks are good to you.

  12. A fun read! Hope the next three are trouble free!

  13. It's always interesting to read people's replies to questions like these. I hope your three weeks are not too hectic for you (except in a good way)

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    in the post, writing is simply great, thanks for sharing.

  15. Great to read your answers! good luck to u
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  16. Congratulations on your award Jo! It was interesting to find out more about you :-) xx


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