Thursday, 26 May 2016


I've been absent this month as I've been to busy with work and have had far too much going on in the family for my liking thank you very much. 
I wont bore you to much but Robs job in Mauritius has fallen through well put back until next year. The group of ten going over in July had to be cut into two groups of five. One group travelling as planned in July and the second group to follow on next year. Rob was placed in the second group so has technically been left without a job. I'd love to have a look at the two contracts he signed one with the university the other with the Welsh Assembly. The variation of contract would be of huge interest to me also.  I'd also like to deliver a few hard slaps to some of the smug people who have enjoyed Robs misfortune -  manners and my over whelming feeling of sadness for him have stopped me from doing so. 
Mike has been having medical investigations for the last few months. He was finally given the all clear Tuesday.
Harry suffered vision loss towards the side of his eye last month an emergency appointment found nothing but to be on the safe side he has been referred on  and has a hospital appointment next month. 

Apart from the above I'm fine thank you but have been very neglectful of mine and your blogs. 

We have been busy in the garden though 

An awful photograph but we now have a little orchard. Mike has planted all but two of the fruit trees and not to be out done I've scattered some wild flower seeds and transplanted some fox gloves and cowslips. I've just noticed Rocky hounds bottom in this shot. How rude!

Mike has turned the greenhouse on its side which has given us a huge amount of space for an eating and cooking area. Mike looks a little like Father Christmas here pre season. 
Mike and Rob attempting to turn the greenhouse
The fig tree is flourishing this year. I think there are twelve figs on the tree
While we have a large bay tree in the garden Mike decided he rather liked the twisty stems on these. I shall start a production line of dried leaves and hope to make my first million next year.
Part of the front garden which looks prettier in real life.

Hope you are all well I hope to start commenting again soon. Take care xx


  1. I've been thinking of you and wondering how you all were sorry to hear of robs job. How horrid that people have enjoyed it. Glad mike is ok and fingers crossed for Harry. Sounds like you and rocky are the only ones who've been ok! Nice to have you back xx

  2. I am so sorry that your family have had such a hard time. We had a similar health scare this year with Martyn and so know how hard a time that is especially now with Harry's problem.

    That is such a shame about Rob's job - I wonder how they picked the two groups. What happens if he finds another job in the meantime - is he tied in to the contract?

    1. Low intake on student numbers over there I believe Sue and there are two people above Rob in the department he had been allocated to work in. I believe if he doesn't take the position up he has to give notice but they are putting them forward for suitable positions in this country when and if they become available x

  3. Ha ha, I was going to mention the photobombing bottom, they get everywhere, don't they? I'm so sorry to hear about Rob's job, that must be a huge disappointment to him but at least he's got something to look forward to next year. Some people can be horrible, taking pleasure in people's misfortunes, I can understand you being annoyed about that, I would be too. Glad to hear that Mike's got the all clear, such a worrying time, and glad that they're erring on the side of caution with Harry's eyesight, you can't be too careful with these things. The garden's looking great, I've got my trees in the ground now too. I'm hoping they'll do better than they did in pots, though my plum tree's got leaf curl so I'm not sure what'll happen to the fruit from that this year, supposing there is some. Nice to see you back and hope things calm down a bit at work for you soon.

  4. Glad to hear you are OK, but sorry to know that the boys have all had problems. Do hope they all sort out soon, but you've at least been out in the garden a bit, by the look of the photos. Enjoy the warmer weather and all take care. BTW, it's bucketing down here at the moment and getting quite cold now.

  5. So lovely to hear from you again, and sorry that you and your family have had such a harrowing time. I hope things sort themselves out soon.
    The garden is looking splendid, just reward for all the work and effort you put into it.

  6. Hopefully next month will be easier for you. I am sorry to hear that Rob won't be able to start his job, so very disappointing for him. It is a shame that some people take pleasure in the misfortune of others. Best to cut them out of your life. Glad that Mike is ok, and hopefully, Harry will get the all clear, too. x

  7. Oh how annoying for Rob, just when he thought it was all settled but good news for Mike. No wonder you've been busy. x

  8. So sorry to read that you have been having such a tough time, lots of ups and downs by the sound of it. Hope everything gets sorted soon.

  9. It's sad how companies play with our lives, they rule everything, glad to hear he got a medical all clear. Your garden looks great, all the hard work is paying off. Hope you find some rest time this weekend, the weather should be good.

  10. So sorry to hear about Rob's job it must be very disappointing for him - hope it all works out. Really pleased Mike is ok, hope things come back all clear for Harry :) Your garden looks amazing! Hope you have some nice weather to enjoy it this bank holiday xx

  11. Poor man must be devastated, hope he manages to find something in the interim. Glad to hear nothing serious with hubby hope that applies to Harry too and that all is well. Take care.

  12. Rob must be so disappointed but I hope something amazing happens instead to cheer him up. I seem to have been busy in the garden but not much to show for it yet..pouring here today. My Dextie too seems to be rather fond of bum pictures!!! Have a great weekend.

  13. the fig tree looks good, putting one on my want list now lol

  14. Sorry to see that you've all had a few upsets lately and hope that it all settles down. Good to see that you've been busy in the garden. Take care. Flighty xx

  15. I am so sorry about your son's job, how frustrating for all of you. I have to believe when things like this happens you are getting a real message that he should not be there in July, I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, whet the reason is I do not always know.

    Hang in there with the family issues, that is really strange about the vision loss, does he have migraines?


  16. I am sorry to hear that you have all had such a difficult month. I am glad you have the all clear for Mike but hope your son's lack of peripheral vision is nothing serious. So, so sorry to hear about Rob's job he must be devasted, and people being pleased about it, have they got nothing better to do?

  17. You've been through difficult times. I'm sending a big hug.

  18. Poor you; it sounds like a pretty grim time all round. How frustrating about the job and as for people who revel in others' misfortunes - grr! Good news about the all clear and I hope they sort out your son's vision soon. Your garden is looking lovely - our fig tree is doing well too this year; maybe it's the weather. Enjoy the bank holiday. xx

  19. Poor you; it sounds like a pretty grim time all round. How frustrating about the job and as for people who revel in others' misfortunes - grr! Good news about the all clear and I hope they sort out your son's vision soon. Your garden is looking lovely - our fig tree is doing well too this year; maybe it's the weather. Enjoy the bank holiday. xx

  20. It all sounds very stressful, take care all of you. Thank goodness for gardens eh? You've certainly been busy. I'm wanting to move our greenhouse too, it just seems such an enormous job!

  21. Sorry to hear its all gone pear shaped for Rob. Its impossible to comprehend these unpleasant people who can smile at others misfortunes but sadly we all know a few people like that. I hope all comes good eventually, but so disappointing and frustrating for him and you all.
    Gardens thriving and looks good, am envious of your figs! Well done!
    Take care, enjoy your garden this weekend Jo
    Gill xx

  22. My wishes to all your family, glad Mike is ok, hope Rob sorts something for the coming year and I hope Harry gets the all clear at his appointment.

    The garden is looking wonderful..I will be doing plenty of work on mine this next week or so!!

  23. It's one of those years... sometimes we have space to breathe, sometimes we don't. My poor blog has been well-neglected as well!


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