Monday, 20 June 2016


Facebook told me it's the first day of summer as I logged in this morning.  Not that I'm a great lover of facebook but I find it a valuable tool to keep track of my children and their shenanigans. Not that I'm a neglectful mother but all this tagging in photographs is very helpful. Especially with a fourteen year old who was by the river without permission!!!

Back to the first day of summer - it's wet - very wet!

 The garden got a long overdue weed yesterday well half of it.  Fathers day saw me cook a very nice lunch. I went for the easy option Sea Bass fillets with a savoury butter, jersey royals and asparagus. I think the whole thing took 20 minutes how wonderful we also had wine and profiteroles. Mike was very blessed with new speciality sun glasses for fishing (really there is such a thing!) sweeties, a fishing t-shirt and a fishing jigsaw. 

It really is too wet to be in the garden so I have been crafting and getting myself in a right pickle when ordering yarn. 

I've signed up for CreativeChaos dishcloth swap - I think it's open until the 24th or 5th. Pop over and take a look.

Dishcloth / Mug Rug Swap 2016

Dishcloth / Mug Rug Swap 2016

I was busy perusing for patterns and the yarn to go with it. I was about to place my order and realised I didn't have my debit card with me (I was in work) No matter I thought I shall take a look on Amazon (card details saved on there).
I quickly found the yarn I wanted and placed a very restrained order for three balls of yarn then feeling very pleased with myself continued with my work. 

I checked yesterday to see when they would be dispatched  and to my horror realised I had ordered three balls of yarn from America. I live in Wales!!!!

I've finished my Hitchhiker scarf, the colours are divine I can assure you but as you know my lack of photographic skills you will have to imagine. It's the pheasant colourway from WYS . I have another ball left in this colourway which I may start a pair of socks with or will do when I find my sock knitting book.  I have another three of these scarfs planned for Christmas presents they are exceptionally easy to knit up especially if you don't knit outside in the sun when you're tired and give your own special design feature which I will not zoom in on! 

I have a tiny bit left over so I might start a hexi puff for my Beekeeper quilt.

Very exciting times ahead. My sixth quilt block kit has arrived. This means I will be half way through when I have pieced these together and instructions were included to piece the first six months together. There is an add on kit for a larger quilt but Mike help me measure what I have made so far and I think it's big enough. I just hope I have enough glue sticks or I will have to make an emergency order. 

Finally I have a pom pom maker and yes I know I could use cardboard but I wanted one of these. I picked it up from Hobbycraft last week along  along with some yarn but that really is not my fault as I only have to stick my fingers through the door and they come flying towards me!

Right I've bored you enough I'm off to make a cup of tea - it's neither the time or the weather for Pimms xx

Monday, 13 June 2016

Greenhouse in June

Firstly thanks for you comments on my last moany post its a bad situation but Friday flew by after I locked my office door. This stops nosy people coming in which in turn reduces my stress level considerably, I also managed to get a lot done.

Sunday saw us celebrate Fathers day a week early with my sisters family. We had arranged this months ago as my brother in law will be on call on the 19th so we booked a nice restaurant. Alas Mike was the only dad to attend as my sisters car nearly blew up on the way. Her words not mine! Her husband (the other dad) had to arrange to have the car picked up. The head gasket needs to be replaced but thankfully he is a mechanic so it wont prove too costly although he has threatened to charge her for labour as she had failed to mention the temperature gauge kept on going up.  

My little cucamelon plants are coming on nicely. 
The cucumber has some baby cucumbers

The tomatoes have started producing fruit. The top one is Sungold and the bottom one Black Russian.
My three year old poinsettia lives in the greenhouse during the warmer months. Mikes chillies and my scented leaved geraniums recovering after we potted them up in the wrong compost.  
Some more chilli plants - a late purchase so we shall see with these they are putting on growth though. 

The rain has returned to Wales with a vengeance may I add. The nice postman brought me a sewing and crochet magazine this morning so I'm curled up on the sofa with them and a cup of tea. 

Enjoy your day xx

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Note to self do not brag about on your blog for the world and karma to read about having a wonderfully idyllic week off from work. 

Previous to me starting back Mike and I had come to the decision to give up alcohol for a few weeks.
Tuesday -  Notes left on desk about a minor staff fraud and no one had dealt with it -  Dealt with that and sorted out other cock ups connected with the case. Two months worth of incorrect card transactions land on my desk - cheers,  have hidden them for now. 

Wednesday - Arrived at office to find a staff member had committed acts of sheer stupidity the previous evening which has now caused me a huge and I mean an incredible amount of work. Sorted out suspension and dragging in of staff for further questioning. Dealing with a freaking con man who decided to visit a couple of shops that afternoon. Trying to ensure I have enough evidence as defending a claim against the company in court. Return home to find a bottle of Pimms in a cupboard whilst searching for a bottle of soy sauce. Unfortunately no lemonade to go with it. 

Today - Trying to keep major staff stupidity from too many people whilst I'm investigating. As more information comes in it becomes worse and worse.
No agreement can be made in court so we return in a few weeks time.
Meet with staff members and am almost speechless with rage. 
Told operations manager I'm going to retire and work part time in Hobbycraft on a 16 hour contract as I'm pretty sure they get a 30% staff discount and way less hassle - I'm not allowed to retire but was promised a new company mobile - wasnt quick enough to ask for a whacking big pay rise. 
Have to walk home from work in the only downpour we have had in the last few weeks. Mike is working away this week and downpour started as I left work and stopped just as I returned home.
 Not fun walking in the rain whilst wearing a wool suit. 
Debating whether to try the Pimms with tonic water!  I will probably have a milky camp coffee, three twix biscuits  and a chip butty. The only crisps in the house are prawn cocktail - ewwww!!!

Plans for Friday - Contacting police, might look at card transactions and will be hoping to high heaven that nothing else goes wrong.  Oh it's pay day but I'm not allowed to buy anything, in particular craft things as I have to save up for sleepers - Meh!! Mikes home though and that's a bonus.  That blinking star wars toy has arrived safely - another bonus - no moany child to contend with. 

Take care I'm off to sniff the Pimms bottle xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Blueberries and such

I cant remember if I told you all about my new blueberries. I only had the one plant left after two others had died and was pondering if I should bother replacing them or not. 

A visit to a garden centre saw four new plants in the trolley. Though in my defence one is a pink blueberry and the other three were a pack of three. All nicely planted in colourful tubs.  I walked out with a dress too (paid for thank you) and several other plants which really had no business to be in my trolley. We had only gone for a scone and a pot of tea. 

I seem to be on my own. Mike is working away, Rob is out and Harry is hanging out somewhere with some friends. I do have a Rocky hound with his chin on my feet.

Harry is sweet on a girl a the moment and it's her birthday on Saturday.
"Would you order me a bobalvet please for a birthday present'?
"You want a what boy"?
"A bobfet toy, type Amazon into the search bar and type in bobalpet'
All this via a long phone call early on, the poor child was nearly hissing the individual letters down the phone because I couldn't find what he wanted or understand what he was saying.

Anyway it turned out to be this hideous thing, for a fourteen year old girl too! The green one Boba Fett

Don't forget you lovely crafty types The Santa Sack Swap sign up ends on the 10th June. Do pop over and check it out. 

Monday, 6 June 2016

A splendid week

Mike and I booked last week as a holiday. It was half term so Harry was also off. Harry also made it clear that no parents would be interfering in his plans so for the first time no days trips were planned. He did however require an increase in his pocket money. He and his friends spent the week swimming, clothes shopping and at the cinema oh and Starbucks. He also scraped by with minimal holiday homework! 

I've misplaced my debit card but looking back there is a possibility it melted. 

Mike and I stopped at home. The weather was completely divine it was sunny every day. 
We did some gardening, we cooked some nice meals together, I did some crafting and Mike went fishing. It was completely and utterly relaxing. No motorway traffic jams, delayed planes or petulant teenagers walking round a NT property spoilt our break.  

Can you make out the foxglove I relocated from my brothers garden. £9 the dipstick paid for it and left it in it's pot. It was bone dry when I found it so I brought it home to live with me.
More foxgloves - they do make me happy.
Cherries - happier even still!!
A flowering sage plant
Some knitting

Some EPP

Well that was my week. Mike is back in work Harry back in school and I'm off until Tuesday. xx

Friday, 3 June 2016

Logan and tayberries

We have an abundance of soft fruit in the garden. Hopefully the birds will share some with us, truthfully there is enough for us to share.

We have both red and yellow raspberries in the garden both autumn fruiting varieties. Very easy to grow and look after - you cut the canes down to the ground in January and they throw new canes up in the Spring. I like a easy life!

Loganberries (top photo) Tayberries (bottom photo are a little different. We bought both plants a couple of years ago. The Loganberry fruited in its first year and provided us with a fine crop of ever so slightly tart berries. We planted it by the side gate and trained it over an arch. During its first winter I cut all the canes down to the ground. A mistake I found out as the canes it produced that first year contained leaves not blossom or berries. You only cut the canes that have fruited and leave the new canes for the following years crop.
Tayberries are similar but a lot more thorny. Ours scrambles up a wigwam in the orchard.
The orchard being a rather grand name for a space which is approx 10ft by 6ft but it contains our cherry and pear trees so orchard it is. I drop it into conversation quit often you know! 

Anyway I'm pleased to report both the logan and tayberry are smothered in fruit this year x 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A mish mash

A round up perhaps if you like

Mike and I are off this week. Mike is decorating and I am well - relaxing. A bit of weeding a bit of sewing a bit of gin drinking - you know how it is.

We spent the entire day in court yesterday. I'm a witness, its all very exciting. In all my years of filling out statements for the police and there have been many it was the first I've ever been called to court.

Alas due to problems with other trials it was cancelled and is being rescheduled in a few months time. 

My sister is forty today. Happy Birthday Fat face :)

I rather grandly commissioned a picture of her hound. The likeness is breath taking. 
And she was thrilled to open her gift this morning. 
Elaine is a wonderfully talented kind hearted lady to be able to create the above from the selection of photos I sent over.

 My little oak tree sapling in the front garden. I shall leave it for as long as I possibly can. We are talking years here. I think it is in it's second year.

My view from the new seating area. It is so new it hasn't actually been designed yet so I shall spare you the view from behind the camera. It is actually more idyllic than my photographing skills suggest. 

I made the most divine lasagne the other evening - the best I had ever made. It was just the usual mix of quorn mince, passata, onions, garlic, herbs and smoked paprika. I did however use defrosted quorn so I think it took on more of the flavours. I also used fresh oregano, three fresh bay leaves and dried garlic granules along with the fresh garlic. The cheese sauce was made using 00 flour. I think what really added the flavour was the mixture of spinach and normal lasagne sheets. To my horror I discovered the date on the boxes said 2013.!!
I was hoping for some left overs last night but on our return home discovered Rob had polished them off for breakfast and lunch. Once the student always a student! He has an interview this afternoon so extremities crossed please. It's a first stage interview so double crossed please? 

I shall leave you with some exciting news for you crafty beings. The Santa Sack Swap is open, pop over and see if it is for you. It will be my third time taking part and certainly for my previous exchanges I have been paired up with some truly talented crafters. 

I shall love you and leave you. I need to clear up and wash the breakfast dishes. Harry had a friend staying over last night. He was highly put out this morning when I breezed into the room offering a choice of breakfasts. Sausage and bacon toasties was the requested menu items but I was quelled with a look when I returned with the choice of breads and juice list. The look of horror on his face was similar when we dropped them off at the swimming baths the other day - Mike had Queens greatest hits blaring out of the speakers.

Parents can be just so like embarrrressssingggggggggg you know.

Toodle pip xx