Thursday, 2 June 2016

A mish mash

A round up perhaps if you like

Mike and I are off this week. Mike is decorating and I am well - relaxing. A bit of weeding a bit of sewing a bit of gin drinking - you know how it is.

We spent the entire day in court yesterday. I'm a witness, its all very exciting. In all my years of filling out statements for the police and there have been many it was the first I've ever been called to court.

Alas due to problems with other trials it was cancelled and is being rescheduled in a few months time. 

My sister is forty today. Happy Birthday Fat face :)

I rather grandly commissioned a picture of her hound. The likeness is breath taking. 
And she was thrilled to open her gift this morning. 
Elaine is a wonderfully talented kind hearted lady to be able to create the above from the selection of photos I sent over.

 My little oak tree sapling in the front garden. I shall leave it for as long as I possibly can. We are talking years here. I think it is in it's second year.

My view from the new seating area. It is so new it hasn't actually been designed yet so I shall spare you the view from behind the camera. It is actually more idyllic than my photographing skills suggest. 

I made the most divine lasagne the other evening - the best I had ever made. It was just the usual mix of quorn mince, passata, onions, garlic, herbs and smoked paprika. I did however use defrosted quorn so I think it took on more of the flavours. I also used fresh oregano, three fresh bay leaves and dried garlic granules along with the fresh garlic. The cheese sauce was made using 00 flour. I think what really added the flavour was the mixture of spinach and normal lasagne sheets. To my horror I discovered the date on the boxes said 2013.!!
I was hoping for some left overs last night but on our return home discovered Rob had polished them off for breakfast and lunch. Once the student always a student! He has an interview this afternoon so extremities crossed please. It's a first stage interview so double crossed please? 

I shall leave you with some exciting news for you crafty beings. The Santa Sack Swap is open, pop over and see if it is for you. It will be my third time taking part and certainly for my previous exchanges I have been paired up with some truly talented crafters. 

I shall love you and leave you. I need to clear up and wash the breakfast dishes. Harry had a friend staying over last night. He was highly put out this morning when I breezed into the room offering a choice of breakfasts. Sausage and bacon toasties was the requested menu items but I was quelled with a look when I returned with the choice of breads and juice list. The look of horror on his face was similar when we dropped them off at the swimming baths the other day - Mike had Queens greatest hits blaring out of the speakers.

Parents can be just so like embarrrressssingggggggggg you know.

Toodle pip xx


  1. What a fabulous birthday gift for your sister, I'm sure she'll be really happy with you calling her Fat Fact though, not! Enjoy your week off and good luck to Rob for his interview.

  2. You've picked a great week to be off, just look at that blue sky. Keep relaxing, imbibing and plotting!

  3. Nice to see an upbeat mish mash. That's a lovely doggy picture. Enjoy the rest of your week off. Flighty xx

  4. Soak up the sun and pour yourself another gin. Have a great week off and everything is crossed for Rob.

  5. Gorgeous doggy portrait, I bet your sister was thrilled with it. The lasagne sounds delicious, I like that you made it with Quorn mince. The garden is looking lovely, a great place to sit when the sun comes out. You're a top mum offering such lovely and varied breakfast choices. I'm sure it's all appreciated really! CJ xx

  6. Hmmm, I'm not happy about the division of labour in your household - poor old Mike slaving away at the decorating whilst you relax and drink gin! :)

  7. I must be odd as I actually enjoy decorating.

  8. Lucky you having a week off, it's great to have spare time.

  9. Fat face ha ha, I suppose she must be used to it by now. What a lovely doggy picture, how clever. Hope being a witness goes OK, I've been on a jury, that was bad enough. Everything is crossed for the interview. x

  10. Beautiful and thoughtful gift for your sister, obviously a talented artist. Everything crossed for the interview.

  11. I just love being an embarrassing parent!!!
    everything crossed for Rob. x

  12. The doggy portrait is amazing. Lucky sister. Everything crossed for Rob from Oz. Look forward to seeing your new seating area once finished. Yes we can be embarrassing parents and take care.

  13. Love the dog portrait Jo, so glad you're pleased with Elaine's work, she's amazing at capturing their characteristics! Wishing Rob lots of luck for his interview! Have a good weekend x

  14. What an amazing portrait. Hope you enjoyed your week off, was the weather good to you? I hope so. Fingers are crossed for Rob's interview.


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