Thursday, 25 August 2016

Treat time!!

In lieu of a holiday away this year due to a mother faffing around(mine) and a reluctant teenager Mike and I have treated ourselves to a stay-cation. 

A whole week away from the office - how blinking divine -smiley face - smiley face. Admitting to the fact that I've cast more than one look at the emails on my phone because a) I'm expecting a couple of important ones from the police and b) one came through about a meeting in London which gives me time to wriggle my way out of it. Another smiley face or three!

We've been out for several nice meals, spent an exorbitant amount on Harry's school uniform. The cost was so scary I declined Mikes kind offer of a visit to Seasalt.  Honestly the cost of buying a uniform for a child who is in adult sizes. Harrumph!!!!

I did however visit the new local yarn shop. Swoony? smiley faces here!

Yarn o'clock is filled to the rafters with British yarn and is absolutely delightful to visit. I have a trip planned for next month. Anne the owner has a little corner where she sits and knits and is so lovely and helpful. 

My loot

The mustard yellow one is WYS 4ply because I have rather fanciful ideas of knitting socks. Ann the owner kindly showed me the magic loop method and after two days of blood sweat and tears have made a good start. 
The rather fancy caterpillars are yarns dyed especially for Yarn O'Clock by Fivemoons. The deep purple is a Tibetan DK is called Vampire's Tipple. Very soft and very squidgy and made from SW Merino, silk and Yak. I have this earmarked for some mittens featured in the autumn edition of  Pom Pom magazine.
The multicoloured yarn is a lace weight as I have even more fanciful idea of knitting a lace shawl. I really am getting above myself. The colours include shades of grey, black, purple, lilac, red and pink and is named Winter.
Can you see the two cream coloured balls or I think cakes are a better word. This really is special stuff. 
Cartref Alpacas is based a few miles away from where I live and a little closer to the shop. It is then spun about 35 miles away. So it really is locally produced yarn. 100% undyed alpaca. I got a little carried away when giving it a good squidge in the shop and picked up a ball of Diamond Geezer (the daddy alpaca and a ball of Peggy (a daughter). Before I visited the shop I knew I wanted to make a hat out of this yarn. Mike very nicely went back to the shop this morning and bought me another cake of Diamond Geezer.I'm going to see if we can visit the place after I've knitted my hat.

Don't feel sorry for Mike, he had a new fishing rod, reel and a tent thing. xx


  1. And what a treat! Enjoy your week, you deserve it.

  2. Lovely loot! enjoy your week. :) xx

  3. I have to admit to having a little yarn envy, it certainly looks wonderful I wish I could put my hand on the computer and feel it. Have a great week.

  4. Sounds a lovely week, loving the loot. I share your pain with buying 'adult' school uniform xx

  5. How lovely, what a treat.
    I visited a craft fair at the weekend and bought myself a pair of alpaca wool socks for the Winter.
    They are so soft and beautiful.

    School uniform prices are horrendous.
    Was having the same conversation with my daughter this morning who has two sets to buy.
    I was horrified when she told me just how much they cost !!!

  6. Something for you to look forward to when you retire. This is our full-time world. A very very long staycation. Well I hope it's very very long.

  7. Now that's my kind of shopping. I love seeing the yarn which other people buy and hearing about their plans for it. I'm knitting a shawl in DK at the moment but I want to have a go at a lace one next. You've chosen some gorgeous colours as well as beautiful yarn.

  8. Sounds like a great week (apart from the uniform buying). The yarn shop looks heavenly and your haul is beautiful. Happy knitting.

  9. Wow! How exciting, that should keep you going for a bit. In fact you'd better have another week off to get started. x

  10. Good to see that you've enjoyed a week off, and had a few treats. Enjoy the weekend. Flighty xx

  11. Wow, all that wool looks good. I visit WYS website and drool over their wool. I haven't knitted in 4ply for years, but have a couple of things I'd love to try, including socks and a shawl or cowl. Look forward to seeing what you make. Take care.

  12. It sounds like a wonderful week, your yarn is lovely.

  13. I am NOT looking at the yarn, I am not looking at yarn for a while I will not feel well jel of the alpaca I do not need yarn I really can resist yarn, especially when it's described as cakes of yarn. Cakes of yarn. Did you have to? Now I'm thinking Yarndale and doubling my budget. And I DON'T need any.

  14. How lovely to just be at home! And the names of your yarn are brilliant. Hope you'll write about the alpaca farm when your hat is finished!

  15. Stay-cactions are just as fun as going away ... right?! We just had a week at home too, but every day we spent redecorating my son's bedroom (he's away till next week). We didn't do any of the fun day trips we had planned, and we're still not finished the room today :[
    Buying yarn and fishing tackle and tent "thing" sounds like a whole lot more fun! You must go to the farm where the alpaca live and have your photo taken wearing your hat beside the alpaca who grew the wool for it. Wouldn't that be cool?

  16. Love the mustard colour sock yarn - sock knitting is fab! I always thought school uniforms were cheap in the UK - I used to always buy it from M & S and Tescos while visiting and bring it back to New Zealand. My son's high school uniform here was 250 pounds for a free state high school (all up year 9 costs were around 1000 pounds inclusive of uniform/stationery and the stupid compulsory I-pad). A private school here can set you back around 500 pounds! Stay-cations are the best!

  17. Gorgeous yarn. Stay-cations really are the best aren't they?
    Marianne x


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