Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Swap update

Just a quick one as I keep on forgetting to post about the dishcloth swap I took part in recently. 

I've seen this swap for several years now and finally put my name down for it earlier on this year.

Kimberly over at CreativeChaos hosts an annual dishcloth swap. 

I was actually partnered up with Kimberely which was nice so I had a good search through my patterns and looked on raverly for the ideal cloth to knit. 

Pretty isn't it and was actually really quick to knit. Just as well really as I ordered the yarn especially for it and accidentally ordered from America! The yarn is Sugar n Cream and is really nice to knit with.

Along with the dishcloth you include some kitchen bits and some chocolate which I happily did so and off my package went to New Zealand. 

In return Kimberley sent me

The tea is divine, I drink a lot of herbal tea and I think I have three of these left! The sweets are unique to New Zealand I believe and are very different to Cadburys here. Now we all had a good taste and we think they are closely related to smarties. Quite possibly the fatter cousin! 

Right just a quick post from me as the boy was back in school yesterday and I'm still finding my feet. Not that I have a lot to do though to help him on his way though! x


  1. Aww...I want it too... So interesting!

  2. I was taught to knit by making dishcloths when I was a child. Nowadays we use J cloths :-).

  3. What a great swap! I'd be very tempted to enter that myself next year.

  4. Lovely parcels, both sent and received. I love the cloth you knit, that's so pretty. I sent my swap parcel off but I haven't got one back yet, I know that Tracy's been busy though so I'm sure she'll catch up soon.

  5. Great swap, love the dishcloth you made and such lovely goodies back in return xx

  6. What a lovely swap!! Great things to send and receive and share loveliness around the world! xx

  7. How lovely to get some things that you wouldn't usually have the chance to try.

  8. A great swap! I love the dishcloth you made :) And I really want to try Jaffas now ;) xx

  9. The swap sounds so fun! And the dishcloth you made is very pretty ♥


  10. back at school here too. Partly pleased, partly sad :o) XX

  11. What a nice and easy swap! I love the dishcloth that you made, so sweet :) I think I have the same yarn as the one you received. I made a dishcloth from it too! I always use cotton for dishcloths, did you use anything different?


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