Sunday, 2 October 2016

Putting on my big girl pants

Trousers actually. Fitted camel coloured ones. They are very grown up looking and quite fitting for a 43 year old head of department. I think they are the most grown up piece of clothing I own. I looked down on them when I wore them in the week and felt very old indeed. 

They were in the sale hence why I bought them, I was actually looking for boots. The boots are a different matter, I wasnt happy shopping for boots. Even less so when I found a pair I thought I might like and assured Mike in a stressed voice that I had no need to try them on that they would do.

Mike sensibly kept his opinion to himself when at home I tried to force my fat little trotters into them and couldn't squeeze them in.  He kindly and quietly took them back and swapped them for the next size up. I tried them on briefly and the zipper couldn't or wouldn't pull up over my leg. You know as your face is meant to sag as you grow older, I strongly suspect that the fat oozes down your body and settles below your knees. I shall try again after before I have a large portion of chocolate fudge cake with squirty cream.

I want to thank you all so so much for your lovely kind thoughts and postings on my last blog post. It is truly a difficult situation to be in trying to care for an extremely selfish person. I deal with it in my normal manner by taking charge and humour. My brother still lives at home and is completely useless and my sister finds the whole situation quite upsetting and can't deal with it. I on the other hand have 'a deal with and get on attitude' which suits me quite well. 

I shall focus on the plus points of my week 

Rocky hound escaped earlier on this week. Rob phoned me just before he was leaving for work in a panic. Luckily a neighbour found Rocky and returned him. Rocky has never run off before and I can only presume he saw a cat as Rob opened the front door. 

I called the doctor out to see mum during the week as she was taking a turn for the worse. Unfortunately mum was at her most lucid. I had hoped they would whisk her away to hospital but she was fully with it and had a lovely conversation with the doctor. The doctor to her credit is concerned and has ordered blood tests and chest x rays and understands the difficulties of dealing with a pensioner who has neither washed or changed for four weeks and cant get out of bed. 

I had the most nearly perfect birthday last Sunday and received lots of lovely presents. Including a bottle of Welsh gin from the dog. I spent the day under a quilt on the sofa with my presents interspersed with three visits to my mums.  

I had cause to remember the time Mike proposed to me. Emma from HandmadeEm recently become engaged whilst on holiday and blogged about it. It was a lovely romantic time for her, Mikes proposal to me wasnt.

I cast my mind back many years ago - we were pondering our future you know the next step Mike had already moved in with me and his house was for sale. I like looking at pretty things and while Mike is extremely generous thoughtful he isn't or romantic come to that. We were perusing jewellery shop windows in Chester and came across the diamond rings. I pointed out an expensive one that I liked. I learnt over the years not to point things out as Mike just buys them without any thought. Any way Mike bought this ring, a beautiful diamond trilogy ring stupidly expensive and I wore it for several days on my  right hand. I received a phone call a few days later from Mike he had realised just how expensive the ring was and perhaps it should be an engagement ring. He took the ring from me later on that week and I excitedly began to think about the big romantic proposal he had planned. Expect it wasnt, he walked into my office one morning with the ring, a bottle of champagne and a bunch of roses. I thought I'd get it out of the way he said - pillock! 

Jo over at Throughthekeyhole is hosting her Twelve days of Christmas swap again, the sign ups are closing on the third or the fourth of this month so sign up quick you might be lucky and get me! I do have a couple of hours of crafty time each evening. Also Jennifer from Thistlebear is hosting her Winter Project link party. I shall be linking up during the week with a quilt and hat I'm making and  quite possibly several blankets with the amount of wool I had for my birthday :)

Well I think that's me up to date no photos or other news I'm sorry oh apart from I have a lovely yellow coat for winter - it's divine - very happy looking. 


  1. Sorry you are having such a rubbish time, I can totally relate and we are in the midst of similar here. We are the sensible ones with the big girl pants on, whilst the rest are the wets that are just messing around around the edges and interfering. We are due a meeting this evening with them all. Not looking forward to it. I am planning to either kick A&% or tell them to get on with it.... We will stick together hey! Happy Birthday, glad it was a fairly good one for you. My proposal was on the golden gate bridge - sounds romantic, but it is a motorway........!!! Good job these men are wonderful people isn't it! Hugs my dear and all good thoughts, and know that you are not alone!!! xx

    1. Hari ini saya ingin mengunkapkan tentang perjalanan hidup saya,karna masalah ekonomi saya selalu dililit hutang bahkan perusahaan yang dulunya saya pernah bagun kini semuanya akan disitah oleh pihak bank,saya sudah berusaha kesana kemari untuk mencari uang agar perusahaan saya tidak jadi disitah oleh pihak bank dan akhirnya saya nekat untuk mendatangi paranormal yang terkenal bahkan saya pernah mengikuti penggandaan uang dimaskanjeng dan itupun juga tidak ada hasil yang memuaskan dan saya hampir putus asa,,akhirnya ketidak segajaan saya mendengar cerita orang orang bahwa ada paranormal yang terkenal bisa mengeluarkan uang ghaib atau sejenisnya pesugihan putih yang namanya Mbah Rawa Gumpala,,,akhirnya saya mencoba menhubungi beliau dan alhamdulillah dengan senan hati beliau mau membantu saya untuk mengeluarkan pesugihan uang ghaibnya sebesar 10 M saya sangat bersyukur dan berterimakasih banyak kepada Mbah Rawa Gumpala berkat bantuannya semua masalah saya bisa teratasi dan semua hutang2 saya juga sudah pada lunas semua,,bagi anda yang ingin seperti saya dan ingin dibabtu sama Mbah silahkan hubungi 085 316 106 111 saya sengaja menulis pesan ini dan mempostin di semua tempat agar anda semua tau kalau ada paranormal yang bisah dipercaya dan bisa diandalkan,bagi teman teman yang menemukan situs ini tolong disebar luaskan agar orang orang juga bisa tau klau ada dukun sakti yg bisa membantuh mengatasi semua masalah anda1.untuk lebih lengkapnya buka saja blok Mbah karna didalam bloknya semuanya sudah dijelaskan PESUGIHAN DANA GHAIB TANPA TUMBAL

  2. Our problem is we always smile as we wear our big girls pants and too many people think we can cope!and because we care we do cope. Chin up, loved your comments on your boots, mine are years old but too tight on my ankles.

  3. Great you were able to pop in with all that's going on. You'll need your big pants and the yellow coat, it's getting quite chilly. x

  4. Mike's proposal was gushingly romantic compared to Mick's. We'd just heard the news that some friends of ours had got engaged and he said that'll be us soon. That was it, from then on in we were engaged. It was only about four months after we met and we've now been married for twenty six years. Glad you had a good birthday and sorry that things are so rubbish with your mum, these things are definitely sent to try us. Many thanks for mentioning my swap, we've got a good list of participants already but it's always nice to have a few more, we all have so much fun with it.

  5. Glad Rocky is home safely. Hope you enjoy that chocolate cake. CJ xx

  6. I'm all signed up for the 12 days of Christmas so we may get paired!! Mike's proposal made me laugh. Paul and I were engaged for a while and bought the house before we married. One night after he had finished work we were stargazing a beer moaning about how bored and broke we were and what we still needed to get. That was our decision for getting married. We got the extra bits we needed, friends visited from Sweden...and we got to have a great party that we didn't even have to pay for!!😂😂

  7. My husbands proposal was rubbish too. Not at all thought out and took my completely by surprise. I actually put him on hold until I was more certain. Don't worry about the trousers or boots, you will find the perfect pair that fit.

  8. Pleased to hear Rocky's adventure didn't last long and he was back safe home soon enough! I'm glad to hear you managed to get the doctor out to your mum without too much fuss on her part, it must be a very difficult time for you, so I am thinking of you. Thank you for the lovely mention with regards to our engagement, I certainly enjoyed hearing about Mike's proposal - bless him! xx

  9. My husbands proposal was rubbish too, but it hasn't made any difference to the wonderful relationship that we have. Sorry to hear about your Mum it can't be easy for you. There is the perfect boots out there for you it just a matter of finding them. I have problems with boots as I am so sort so they are generally too long. Take care.

  10. Our dog Jack is a bit on an escape artist (chasing urban foxes) but he usually comes back quickly these days. I am glad I have a job where jeans are the dressed up work clothes :-) Wishing you good energy and strength to cope with your mum's problems. xx

  11. I've just been catching up with your posts. I'm sorry for everything you're dealing with regarding your mum. I dread the day one of my parents heads in that direction. I'm the eldest of four and the only one with any sense of responsibility or a stable life. The others are overgrown babies, especially my brother who still lives at home at 30 and has no plans to make his own life. I understand about your trousers. I have problems with almost every kind of pants except stretchy leggings because I carry all my weight in my torso, with no rear end, small hips and thinnish legs. If they fit my waist, they balloon out everywhere else. I have the body of an old man, unfortunately. :)


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