Monday, 5 December 2016

Winter project

I don't like these blogger changes - just saying!

I have found my camera or more correctly Mike found my camera this morning in a drawer. Mike has been signed off work because of his thumb and I currently have hum cluttering up the house and quite generally getting in my way. On a more positive note it's rather nice having him here. I'm enjoying our morning coffee before I go to work . Many thank yous for your kind thoughts and comments on his thumb I myself have been less than sympathetic. It was entirely his fault! 

Anyway less of my gabbing and onto - 

A finished blanket or a nearly finished blanket. It needs a border added and the ends sewn in. I've clever hidden the ends for photographic purposes. It's huge and warm and cosy. Full of dog hairs too as Rocky likes to share his freely. 

A finished hat. I finished it last night as I found the pattern. Erm the pattern was in the bookcase all along and this hat should've  been completed several weeks ago as it too me all of five minutes to do. It is a little to small for my liking but was made from local alpaca yarn. Knitted in the round too, clever old me!

Some of the blocks assembled for my quilt. I still have Novembers box to assemble and will be receiving Decembers box in a couple of weeks time. If I get a wriggle on I could assemble Novembers this week and Decembers the week after Christmas! January could then be spent sewing the blocks together,

New things -

I've been making project bags of late as I wanted to teach myself how to sew zips. They are not the neatest I think this is the worst one, I hope it's the worst one as there are several unlucky recipients of these bags for Christmas this year! They each contain a pocket too and in all honestly I'm rather pleased with them.

Finally for this month

The beginnings of a Christmas cushion. I went on a workshop yesterday, it was an early Christmas present from Mike. I didn't have time to finish it yesterday as there is a mistletoe design to go at the top and it needs stuffing.  I will finish it this week and do another post where I will add the links. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. 

Right my dears, I'm going to link this with Jennifer's blog Thistlebear who kindly hosts the Winter Project link up party. I will then be searching through blogger to see if I can find blogs to comment on! x