Saturday, 13 February 2016

I made a little mouse

Cute isn't she?

I signed up to take part in Tracy's Send a little love swap & was partnered up with Joy

If you click on the link you will see what else I sent to Joy.

The mouse pattern came from Say!Little hen & I thought it was a lovely little make to send.

I used Rowan handknit cotton & some Liberty fabric for the heart & ears. 

I'm going to make another one as a baby gift along with a crochet blanket for my ex sister in law who is having her first baby this year.

Unfortunately as she is an ex I wont be an aunt but as she is having a pink one & I really like her I will be making something nice & buying something too!

I might be brave & try a ripple blanket!

I haven't uploaded photos of the gifts Joy sent to me yet but they don't contain a photo of the chocolate lollipop she sent me. I was a greedy old trout & popped it in my mouth as I unwrapped my gifts!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Shall we go for April

I feel a little nervy this morning. I live my life by precise instructions. Not completely tied to the clock you understand but to get things done I have to work by a list. 

My alarm goes off at 6 am each morning, I rise, shower & walk the hound. I have a hat of some description on my hair, the orange glow in the dark jacket Mike brought home for me & off we pop.

I look rather like the health & safety version of Worzel Gummidge 

We hear the birds sing, the scuttles of small animals in the hedges, meet the odd dog walker & I gaze at the stars in the sky. 

It's my time of peace & tranquillity - Mike woke up early this morning & took the dog for a walk & it's put me out of sync - there is chocolate cake in the fridge - I may have some for breakfast.

Just so the universe finds it's balance you understand! 

Back to April 

After having a further discussion on about the veg garden last night I've asked told Mike I want it sorted by April.

Mike has his four day break towards the end & it will then be ready for the new growing season.

I'm feeling rather nervy excited now, I can start sowing some veg seeds soon! 

Take care all xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Veg plotting

I've been pondering again over the garden. Out loud to Mike who had the good sense to listen deeply & more importantly agree.

It's very important to me to be able to nip out & gather something for dinner. I'm also conscious of the need for it to be time effective. 

The current veg bed was a mistake, to turn the veg garden into a time effective operation I really do need separate veg beds. It would make it a whole lot easier to keep on top of. 

I've been going over in my mind about what I want to grow & to be honest two small beds isn't going to cut it. 

Sweetcorn & courgettes

Salad bits 


A few cabbages & broccoli 

& really a fifth bed because well you know garlic, Florence fennel & veg I could very well buy but want to have a dabble at growing my own

Potatoes & carrots will still be grown in pots.

So all of this has given Mike something to think about, whether it happens this year we shall see but it's still nice to plan

Monday, 8 February 2016

A round up

Apologies - the dreaded lurgy hit here over a week ago & took everyone down in its path. Even the dog wasn't immune although I thought he had damaged his leg rather than caught a bad cold. He hadn't thankfully. 

Not much has happened to be honest, a discussion on how long it will be to finish the house & garden. I've given  it 18 months . It sounds like we have a lot to do & we haven't really just the work we do have to do means disruption & we may as well do other jobs along with it. 

The sitting room needs re-plastering so when we do that we can move the radiator to the opposite wall. This in turn will give us more space.

The TV blew up (a rather dramatic description for the picture refusing to come on) Saturday morning. I was rather impressed with Mikes speed of replacing it. Surprising really with the rugby & football on don't you think! Anyway two hours later he had bought a rather swanky new one along with a bracket for it to go on the wall above the fireplace. Not sure I'm keen on this but it will give us room for a another bookcase in the alcove instead. 

The stair carpet needs replacing desperately but before that happens Mike wants to replace the bath & I want fitted furniture in the bathroom so you see that's where the time comes into it. And money of course!

A little round up of what I have been doing though

I've finished the first part of my Quilt along over at Sew & Quilt, I think my next batch of fabric arrive next week - very excited indeed! 

I started my CAL again as I had made some seriously bad mistakes. I had a different blanket pack of wool, one of the Attic 24 ones so I used that instead of unravelling the blanket. I'm pleased I did as I really like this colour way & I've learnt some new stitches. I'm half way through now.
I shall concentrate on this during the evenings this week.

Amy has opened up an Etsy shop selling patterns & products. She was looking for volunteers to test a pattern so I happily sent my name through. I made this sweet little sunflower to her design & it was rather fun to do & I have seriously impressed myself that I could actually do it. I mean look at that - wonderful instructions Amy.

And finally the sun shone here yesterday - well for the morning at least & I had every door & window open to celebrate. 

A view from the kitchen sink that always makes me smile
I zoomed in & it's through the glass but I like it anyway.

Right off to catch up - take care all xx