Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Scented leaved geraniums

We aren't growing much veg this year, due to renovating the plot. The decision to use sleepers means the new beds will be several months off (v v expensive but will last for an extremely long time - less upkeep too!!)but on the plus point the slug population should diminish nicely without lots of leafy growth to sustain them. 
 Runner beans which are a must, tubs of potatoes and some salad crops are all that is being grown in the open. Two elephant garlic are also there - kindly gifted to us.

The greenhouse is at full production or would be if we hadn't made a mistake with the compost we used. 
I can't remember what we used but it retained all of the water and was very smelly. I think it was like soil conditioner. 
Mike took the decision to repot his very unhappy  chilli plants and the cucumber and my new scented leaved geranium plants. They are far more happy now. 

When we took the plants out of the old compost the roots were encased in very soggy compost not ideal for chillies or scented leaved geraniums and the surface was dry and crusted over. 

They are all much happier now. The tomatoes had escaped this trauma due to being planted up in proper compost in the first place.

I ordered my plants from Cramden Nursery  and selected the option Emily's scented six pack. I received six decent sized plug plants for £6 within a few days of ordering. They were beautifully healthy specimens too .

They seem to be recovering from me nearly killing them and in a few months I shall pot them up into nice terracotta pots. 

I've ahem lost the labels but I have a rose one, a lemon one, orange one, a cinnamon one and now some surprise ones. xx

Thursday, 26 May 2016


I've been absent this month as I've been to busy with work and have had far too much going on in the family for my liking thank you very much. 
I wont bore you to much but Robs job in Mauritius has fallen through well put back until next year. The group of ten going over in July had to be cut into two groups of five. One group travelling as planned in July and the second group to follow on next year. Rob was placed in the second group so has technically been left without a job. I'd love to have a look at the two contracts he signed one with the university the other with the Welsh Assembly. The variation of contract would be of huge interest to me also.  I'd also like to deliver a few hard slaps to some of the smug people who have enjoyed Robs misfortune -  manners and my over whelming feeling of sadness for him have stopped me from doing so. 
Mike has been having medical investigations for the last few months. He was finally given the all clear Tuesday.
Harry suffered vision loss towards the side of his eye last month an emergency appointment found nothing but to be on the safe side he has been referred on  and has a hospital appointment next month. 

Apart from the above I'm fine thank you but have been very neglectful of mine and your blogs. 

We have been busy in the garden though 

An awful photograph but we now have a little orchard. Mike has planted all but two of the fruit trees and not to be out done I've scattered some wild flower seeds and transplanted some fox gloves and cowslips. I've just noticed Rocky hounds bottom in this shot. How rude!

Mike has turned the greenhouse on its side which has given us a huge amount of space for an eating and cooking area. Mike looks a little like Father Christmas here pre season. 
Mike and Rob attempting to turn the greenhouse
The fig tree is flourishing this year. I think there are twelve figs on the tree
While we have a large bay tree in the garden Mike decided he rather liked the twisty stems on these. I shall start a production line of dried leaves and hope to make my first million next year.
Part of the front garden which looks prettier in real life.

Hope you are all well I hope to start commenting again soon. Take care xx