Monday, 4 July 2016

This and that, that and this

The sun was shining yesterday with blue sky accompanying it. Honestly I'm not lying.
We celebrated by sitting in the garden with tea and biscuits. 

Admired the bees and flowers and unfinished patio I also ignored the dust and muddy floors in the house too. Mike is able to permanently ignore such things. 

Rocky hound had a nose over the fence into the field. 

I did a spot of crocheting and finished my knitted dishcloth for a swap

I've been scaring the neighbours by gathering soft fruit every morning for my breakfast shake. I add a sprig of mint too.

Tayberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, mint, spinach, banana, chia seeds and some strange cereal stuff from Holland and Barrett, It looks like pureed liver. 

Mike decided on a sort out the other week and sent me disapproving looks after stacking my craft bits in one place. 

Disclaimer golf clubs and ladder are not mine nor are the curtains - Mike is decorating Harry's room. I got more disapproving looks when he took delivery of more yarn. In my defence it was for a project. 

Mike mowed the lawn yesterday and went over an anthill. In all honestly the grass had shot up with all the rain we have had. I'm surprised he didn't mow down a tribe of pygmies. I spent a fascinating half hour kneeling on the lawn watching the ants move the eggs and repair the nest. 

I'm trying to catch up with your posts I have been avidly reading whilst in work so am up to date with your news.  I've mostly stayed away from the fall out after the referendum. It wasnt my choice to leave Europe but living in an area which has been overwhelmed with immigration the result wasnt all too surprising. Are you all well I do hope so. xx