Monday, 17 October 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel - I think!

It feels like I'm missing in action but I will return.

A small update I contacted social services over my mum a couple of weeks back. They were sufficiently concerned for them to meet me at my mums house within an hour.

A senior social worker and a crisis intervention nurse met me and were so concerned with the state of mum that they phoned through to 999. They are also putting in a complaint against the Dr I called out to assess my mum the week previous.

That has pretty much been my life for the past two weeks. At first the medical team thought she was suffering from early onset dementia but she didn't fall into any of the symptom categories. She has had nearly every medical test going and thankfully isn't suffering from anything sinister. She has caught a serious infection whilst in hospital (as you do) which has caused a setback. The team now think she was and still is suffering from delirium. Yesterday was particularly bad, even I was concerned and it takes a lot for me to get concerned. 

Thankfully she seems to have turned a corner and once she is medically fit will be transferred to the local cottage hospital for rehabilitation. 

Which I will be grateful for - the two and a half extra hours spent travelling and visiting are starting to take their toll. I do have Friday evenings off though. 

I will be back blogging within a few weeks I'm sure, fingers crossed I may be able to do a proper post at the weekend.

I've been reading your blogs in work where unfortunately I can't leave comments but I am still around. Take care xx

Monday, 3 October 2016

Winter Project 2016

Jennifer over at Thistlebear is hosting this lovely event again. I enjoyed taking part last year even though I'm pretty sure I didn't participate each month. 

It's a lovely idea where we share the crafty items that we are working on and runs from October through to March.

So this is what I'm working on - 

My winter hat. The first of many I hope but not in this yarn as it was quite expensive. The yarn is alpaca and is sold by my new local yarn shop. The alpacas are within a few miles of my house and the yarn shop and then the yarn is actually spun within 35 miles. As soon as I read about it I knew I wanted some. The alpacas are a family group and my hat yarn is from the daddy 'Diamond Geezer' I also have one yarn cake from the daughter 'Peggy'. I really want another of Peggy to make a cowl. The yarn is like knitting with a cloud,  it is the softest squishiest thing possible! 

My quilt - this is a monthly subscription box and I received my ninth box last week. It is an EPP quilt containing mainly Liberty fabrics. Its gorgeous! Hopefully this afternoon I shall cut the fabric into the appropriate sizes and glue them to the pieces. I then sort each block pieces into separate bags so I can assemble each block when I have time. A little production line if you will! 

Finally crochet. Mike bought me the attic24 Harmony blanket pack as one of my birthday presents. My siblings gave me some money as well as the promise of afternoon tea from my sister. Naturally I converted this money into more yarn. As if I didn't have enough of the stuff already! 

The harmony pack came with the pattern which is a granny square design. The yarn  I bought is from the new Paintbox range. I did dither between the cotton and acrylic but decided on acrylic as I wanted to make blankets and the dog sheds like crazy! I plumped for three colourways, Fallen Leaves, Wanderlust and Winter Frost. 

I'm thinking of a large granny square from the Fallen Leaves, solid granny squares from Winter Frost and I'm not sure what design to plump for from the Wanderlust. We shall see.

So I have plenty of Wintery projects planned. Hope you do too x 

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Putting on my big girl pants

Trousers actually. Fitted camel coloured ones. They are very grown up looking and quite fitting for a 43 year old head of department. I think they are the most grown up piece of clothing I own. I looked down on them when I wore them in the week and felt very old indeed. 

They were in the sale hence why I bought them, I was actually looking for boots. The boots are a different matter, I wasnt happy shopping for boots. Even less so when I found a pair I thought I might like and assured Mike in a stressed voice that I had no need to try them on that they would do.

Mike sensibly kept his opinion to himself when at home I tried to force my fat little trotters into them and couldn't squeeze them in.  He kindly and quietly took them back and swapped them for the next size up. I tried them on briefly and the zipper couldn't or wouldn't pull up over my leg. You know as your face is meant to sag as you grow older, I strongly suspect that the fat oozes down your body and settles below your knees. I shall try again after before I have a large portion of chocolate fudge cake with squirty cream.

I want to thank you all so so much for your lovely kind thoughts and postings on my last blog post. It is truly a difficult situation to be in trying to care for an extremely selfish person. I deal with it in my normal manner by taking charge and humour. My brother still lives at home and is completely useless and my sister finds the whole situation quite upsetting and can't deal with it. I on the other hand have 'a deal with and get on attitude' which suits me quite well. 

I shall focus on the plus points of my week 

Rocky hound escaped earlier on this week. Rob phoned me just before he was leaving for work in a panic. Luckily a neighbour found Rocky and returned him. Rocky has never run off before and I can only presume he saw a cat as Rob opened the front door. 

I called the doctor out to see mum during the week as she was taking a turn for the worse. Unfortunately mum was at her most lucid. I had hoped they would whisk her away to hospital but she was fully with it and had a lovely conversation with the doctor. The doctor to her credit is concerned and has ordered blood tests and chest x rays and understands the difficulties of dealing with a pensioner who has neither washed or changed for four weeks and cant get out of bed. 

I had the most nearly perfect birthday last Sunday and received lots of lovely presents. Including a bottle of Welsh gin from the dog. I spent the day under a quilt on the sofa with my presents interspersed with three visits to my mums.  

I had cause to remember the time Mike proposed to me. Emma from HandmadeEm recently become engaged whilst on holiday and blogged about it. It was a lovely romantic time for her, Mikes proposal to me wasnt.

I cast my mind back many years ago - we were pondering our future you know the next step Mike had already moved in with me and his house was for sale. I like looking at pretty things and while Mike is extremely generous thoughtful he isn't or romantic come to that. We were perusing jewellery shop windows in Chester and came across the diamond rings. I pointed out an expensive one that I liked. I learnt over the years not to point things out as Mike just buys them without any thought. Any way Mike bought this ring, a beautiful diamond trilogy ring stupidly expensive and I wore it for several days on my  right hand. I received a phone call a few days later from Mike he had realised just how expensive the ring was and perhaps it should be an engagement ring. He took the ring from me later on that week and I excitedly began to think about the big romantic proposal he had planned. Expect it wasnt, he walked into my office one morning with the ring, a bottle of champagne and a bunch of roses. I thought I'd get it out of the way he said - pillock! 

Jo over at Throughthekeyhole is hosting her Twelve days of Christmas swap again, the sign ups are closing on the third or the fourth of this month so sign up quick you might be lucky and get me! I do have a couple of hours of crafty time each evening. Also Jennifer from Thistlebear is hosting her Winter Project link party. I shall be linking up during the week with a quilt and hat I'm making and  quite possibly several blankets with the amount of wool I had for my birthday :)

Well I think that's me up to date no photos or other news I'm sorry oh apart from I have a lovely yellow coat for winter - it's divine - very happy looking.