Monday, 28 November 2016

Well I never

Mikes thumb is healing up nicely thank you very much. He had a small operation last Tuesday which was supposed to be under general anaesthetic. Naturally I was a little concerned and packed him off to hospital with the instruction to phone me as soon as he possibly could after he had been brought back round. 

Three hours later I spotted a message on facebook from Mike alerting everyone that he was quite fine after his operation. He was having something to eat and drink whilst waiting to be picked up. I gave him such a telling off on the phone and plotted on ways he could make amends to me.

Mike sheepishly returned an hour later and he received adequate punishment - I made him watch three knitting podcasts with me!

With Mike still being off - bereavement leave, annual leave and his five day break we set off this morning to take Rocky for his morning walk. We waved to two neighbours and another chap with them as you do and were about to set off. We were called back, the chap turned out to a crime support person.

All the sheds and garages along the lane and surrounding estate had been broken into or at least attempted to. Mike checked and the side gate had been forced open and the shed broken into. They had got away with some of his fishing equipment!

Rocky hound I think spent the whole night snoring! 

Mike and the other menfolk rather excitedly let the crime chap take photos. The police have quite possibly apprehended the people responsible and recovered everything that had been taken. There is fishing equipment amongst the haul so Mike is waiting for a phone call. 

It is currently warm  and sunny outside,  it really is rather lovely. It could almost be a summers day but the hum in the air isn't lawnmowers in operation or the scent of BBQs - it's drills and the like as the menfolk of the lane have all bought new locks etc etc. The noise is rather deafening but does abide from time to time as the menfolk admire each others work or a new lock is adjusted. 

I'm on coffee duty and it is proving a little trying. There are a lot of puffed out chests and mutterings of 'this type of thing never happens here'. I've escaped for a while to play bloggy catch up = hope you are all well x 

Monday, 21 November 2016

There may be trouble ahead

Hello my dears, I've spent this morning trying to work out how to transfer photographs from my new work phone to my computer. It was a trying experience to say the least. My camera is still missing.

My mums funeral went as expected and no pigeons joined us this time. There were a couple of amusing moments which helped the proceedings.

1. We let Rob pick the music and in hindsight I perhaps should have paid more attention. He selected two Elvis Presley songs. The first 'The Wonder of you'. The live version was playing as we entered the crematorium. Mike, Rob, brother in law and nephew wheeled my mothers coffin in. Just as they reached the undertakers there was a round of applause coming from the CD which was playing. There were quite possibly a few whoops and cheers too, I'm not 100% sure as I was desperately trying not to giggle as I walked to my seat. I am more than sure that there were a few cold glares from my brother and sister. 

2. More desperately snuffled sniggers when the reflective music was playing. I heard my elderly aunts in the background discussing how long they thought they had left and were living on borrowed time.

3. Robs beautifully written eulogy. He also read the eulogy at my dads funeral last year. My wonderful son with his deep Welsh accent.

4. Rob had selected 'Always on my Mind' as the last piece of music. It was also played a little too loudly and while waiting for the undertaker to give the signal to leave I had no alternative but listen to the words. They were particularly apt.

5. My very favourite part of the day and a memory which brings me great delight each time I recall it. I was sat quietly sipping my gin and tonic. It was quite possibly a treble from my brother - he's a bit of a prat like that. All of a sudden my brother in law plonked himself down heavily in front of me. He can be pompous and overbearing 96% of the time.

"You can put the house up for sale in January and sort your mums affairs out"

"Excuse me" I replied sweetly peering over my glasses and at the same time keeping a firm grip on my glass as not to whack it on the table and then jab him with a shard of broken glass. 

" Get it all sorted and then divide it into three"

With more sweetness I replied along the lines with 'I will sort the estate out in my own sweet time, has nothing to do with you what so ever and to remove himself from my line of vision before I forgot I was a lady', Pompous pillock there will indeed be trouble ahead and not for me!

Excuse the photographs they were recovered from my phone, I really cannot find my camera. I've been making project bags and having a fine old time too. I have so much time now to do things for me.

Not sure why this is wider but look Poinsettias with glitter! I planted three in a ceramic pot. 

A final thought to make you all giggle.

I spent yesterday in A&E with Mike. He stupidly managed to cut through his thumb. He was sharpening a carving knife for the joint of meat. I don't tend to supervise this activity as Mike can gt a little too theatrical. I don't eat meat so was reading a book whilst waiting for my stuffed mushroom. I was completely engrossed in my book and missed most of the commotion.
 He let me unwrap the tea towel from his thumb (feel free to imagine the dead pan expression on my face) after dinner. I then ordered the pillock into the car. The prat had managed to nearly cut through one of his tendons! He has an operation this week to repair the damage but is happily sat at the table with his jigsaw as I type.  

Right I shall love you and leave you on this rather grim day. I'm pondering what variety of carrots to grow next year I might do the mixed colours pack. x 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Winter link up project

Thank you for your lovely kind words yesterday and understanding. 

I'm asking for forgiveness too as these are last months photographs. My camera is hiding somewhere and I hope to find it soon. 

My hat is a little further on. Really I just need an evening free to finish it but I've misplaced the pattern and I have some swap gifts to finish off first.

I have pieced together the blocks for my epp quilt. The above box is actually Septembers. I managed to glue Octobers box and sort each block into little bags this morning. That will keep me busy next week. I'm actually off next week and Mike is too. Christmas shopping it is then!

I really need to find that camera, I've ran out of wool for my granny square blanket. For now you will have to imagine a huge granny square. I have used about 12 colours and doubled up the rows apart from two colours which are just a single row. I have followed this for three repeats and only have about eleven rows left. I shall place an order for the colours I'm running out of. I've really enjoyed making this blanket, so so simple, squishy and warm. I promise to put a proper photo up next month. 

Apart from several wips and swap projects that's me!

Joining in with Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party. Pop over and take a look x 

Monday, 7 November 2016

And breathe

Hello, goodness I really have been missing in action. 

After more than four weeks in hospital my mum passed away last Thursday at 4 am. Mike was with me. Just as well really as I ahem slept through the event itself. He said he tried to wake me with a loud whisper but decided to get a nurse before scampering back to wake me up properly. 

Even though they were hoping to discharge her to a community hospital for rehabilitation she took a turn for the worse last Sunday and after being summoned that morning it is where I stayed until she passed away.

While naturally I miss her I am greatly relieved to have my life back and I make no apology for that. Both my parents were deeply unhappy people, disliked each other, suspicious of other people, vindictive and very inward looking. They were however excellent grandparents who deeply and unconditionally loved their grandchildren and this love was returned back to them. 

It is this that I choose to focus on. I made the decision a long long time ago I never wanted to be like my parents. I know how lucky I am to have Mike and my children with the laughter and closeness which was lacking from my childhood. 

I have no grief as such, just a sense of sadness of two lives wasted due to choosing to fill them with unhappiness. 

I've often wondered where my strong sense of spirit came from. The ability to face up to what life throws in my way. I came face to face with it Wednesday evening when my ninety year old aunt barged her way through to the room where my mum was. There was no holding her back at 9 pm!

She looked at her youngest sister who was in a coma and bellowed 'Well the smoking never helped did it' Erm quite possibly not but it isn't the reason she is like this.  My aunt then proceeded to tell us about how she dismantled her mower that day as it wasnt working properly. It was a slightly surreal hour which I spent trying not to laugh. I did laugh after she left and Mike remarked 'I've just met you forty odd years on'!

So that my dears is me. I have an afternoon of sewing planned and some bloggy catch up this morning x